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אנלורם איפסום דולור סיט אמט, קונסקטורר אדיפיסינג אלית קולהע צופעט למרקוח איבן איף, ברומץ כלרשט מיחוצים. קלאצי סחטיר בלובק. תצטנפל בלינדו למרקל אס לכימפו, דול, צוט ומעיוט – לפתיעם ברשג – ולתיעם גדדיש. קוויז דומור ליאמום בלינך רוגצה. לפמעט.

לוגו כיכר השבת

“An additional solution that significantly relieves this problem of shidduchim for people with a complex medical history, is that we have professional medical advice handy. Each shidduch searcher requesting to join the shidduch database gives us his medical file, and our organization, closely guided by Rav Ragovei- an expert in the field, examines the files.”

לוגו משפחה

“The challenges of the men and women with medical conditions described in this article, are just a drop in the ocean of distress that thousands of families in the charedi community experience, receiving no relevant shidduch matches. The root of the problem is a lack of an appropriate address to turn to for relevant shidduchim, and a real deficiency of shadchanim willing to deal with these types of shidduchim- requiring professional knowledge they don’t usually have. As is true in many cases, the good news came davka from those who themselves were challenged in this area. Several weeks ago- after Chanukah to be exact, a shidduch database was formed for those with medical issues and handicaps- called “Samchem Bebinyan Shalem…”

לוגו יתד נאמן

“At ‘Samchem Bebinyan Shalem’ we aim to help the community look at things in their proper proportions, in addition to providing precise information regarding these medical issues. When contrasted with history, a portion of these issues are now much less of a problem and more ‘easygoing’. The community must realize that it’s possible to live with these conditions, and ‘do shidduchim’ with them without fear. Tumors from childhood years, for example, do not have any impact on health after many years have gone by. However, the community is still hesitant and concerned, keeping their distance from such shidduchim. The time has come for people with medical conditions to become a bit more open-minded, and understand that it’s worth it to live blissfully with a wonderful spouse, instead of remaining stuck in their own lone corner…”

לוגו ynet

The “Samchem Bebinyan Shalem” organization has made it their objective to assist young men and women from the community, dealing with various medical issues. “A family member suggested that I sign up, but I didn’t want to as I’d been faced during the past years with so many ‘machers’ who want money and don’t actually help” relates T., “but I told my rav, and he said I must do this hishtadlus.” As per his rav’s advice, he called Samchem, which rapidly led to a meeting with Rav Shimon Ragovei, the medical advisor working with the organization. “He calmed me down, saying: Your problem- is not a problem; dozens of people like you come to us a day.”

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